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Family Council Handbook

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Family Council Handbook

This book is all about the Family Constitution, which is like a rulebook for a family and its business. The goal is to help the family grow and succeed. It covers things like the family’s values, goals, and commitments from its members. But just writing this down isn’t enough, it takes skills and resilience to make it work.

That’s where the BAF Family Council Handbook comes in. It’s like a guidebook that helps family members learn how to follow the Family Constitution. It gives simple and effective strategies to put the constitution into action.

The Family Council is a group of family members who meet regularly to talk about family and business matters. They create a trusting and open space to find common ground and strengthen relationships.

The book also emphasizes the role of emotions in family life and how they can sometimes lead to problems. The Family Council helps members build emotional intelligence, so they can better understand their thoughts and feelings and work together effectively.

The Family Council provides a safe space to learn about family history, traditions, and important events. It helps children learn about life, family, and business from a young age. It also supports personal and family issues, fosters talents and skills, and helps balance individual happiness, family unity, and business growth.

Members of the Family Council benefit in personal and professional ways. They find clarity and peace of mind in challenging situations, and they become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The Council can also guide members in pursuing their aspirations and managing differences within the family.

To make the Family Council work, it’s important to follow key principles like love, authenticity, and commitment. These principles create an open and learning-focused atmosphere in the family. The chairman and moderator of the Family Council meetings set an example by following these principles, and others are encouraged to do the same. When someone in the family doesn’t follow these principles, they receive feedback and work to improve their behavior.

In summary, the book stresses the importance of the Family Constitution in guiding a family and its business. It also highlights the role of the Family Council in helping family members develop the skills and mindset to live by these principles. Ultimately, following the Family Constitution and the principles of the Family Council can lead to happier family relationships and business success.