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Family Constitution / Charter

“Family Constitution” is our most sought after and landmark product. It is a Geeta / Bible for the family for guiding all the family members in difficult times, for deriving strength from the inherent family values and experiencing what it means to be a prosperous family.

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Constitution Plus

To this end we have created our service titled “Constitution Plus”. Herein, while creating the Constitution, we aid families in concurrently implementing the same. This happens through prioritization of key needs and challenges of the family and business; helping them, both, create solutions and implement them. Family and business goals are articulated, implementation plans made, executed and reviewed through Family Council and Family Business Board meetings.

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Our Coaching services help individuals work effectively on their key unsolved problems and un-utilized opportunities in their personal life, family and business. Coaching provides you with Tools, techniques and aids in discovery of insights and development of new behaviors that propels you forward in accomplishing your targets/goals.

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Amicable Separation & Exit process

  • Amicable Separation of Wealth/Business
    • Alignment on separation process including timelines
    • Documentation
    • Support in selecting legal & tax consultants
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Growth Through Togetherness

The conflict happens because within individual and between teams – there are multiple roles, drives, styles, world views etc. Also in business the conflict is inherent between short-term and long term needs, strategic and operational focus, different functions etc.

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning is perhaps one of the biggest challenge that any business family faces at every generational transition. Not only is it essential to make the right choice, the process itself is very challenging for the outgoing leader, his/her spouse, successor/s and their spouse/s, key senior business executives and other important stakeholders.

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Review Of Family Constitution/Charter

In the past few years we have realised that while making of Family Constitution is a major and critical step in creating the Family Governance framework, it is the implementation of the Family Constitution that is critical to preservation and growth of family and business.

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