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Coaching is essentially ongoing powerful conversations/dialogue between a coach and a coachee within a productive, result-oriented context.

  • In the process we sharply identify the needs & aspirations of the Coachee and fulfill them by leveraging his/her strengths and working on the development areas.
  • Clarity in purpose, goals and actions related to his /her professional and personal growth
  • Identification and addressesal of self-limiting beliefs and skill gaps that hinder progress towards goal achievement.
  • Bring tangible and intangible behavioural changes in the coachee that would enhance/ strengthen his leadership skills and competencies

The coaching process begins with an initial engagement for 6 months. Every month the coachee has 2 sessions:

1.2 hour session of coaching

2.45 mins session to follow up on prioritized actions from the coaching call.

Psychometric tools, a 360 degree feedback & BAF’s unique coaching methodology would be used to help the coachee achieve desired outcomes.