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TD Chandrasekhar

An alumnus of IIT Delhi and XLRI Jamshedpur India, TD has more than 27 years of general management corporate experience in India, US and Southeast Asia. TD’s last corporate role was as Head of Ameriprise India, which he set up for the parent organisation; American Express, and ran and scaled it up successfully. Prior to Ameriprise India, TD handled a large in-consulting team in Ameriprise (erstwhile American Express Financial Advisors) in Minneapolis. This team was composed of ex-consultants from leading consulting firms. He won the American Express CFO’s award for leading the team.

He is an Innovation consultant, coach and facilitator for teams for leading organisations. He has coached over 100 executives. He has given more than 100 talks at various forums across different organisations and professional groups.

For a number of years now, TD has been associated with various family businesses and has done remarkable work around conflict resolution, alignment on family and business matters, creativity and innovation at promoter level and strengthening listening and communication skills through Listening Boot Camps, NVC and collaborative communication techniques. 

He takes courses at various educational institutes including Harvard, IIT Delhi (takes a course on creativity for engineers), IIM Lucknow, MDI, Vedica Scholars.

He has co-authored a book on Values called Good Values, Great Business, which was released in Q2, 2019. The book amongst other topics, covers deeper values required for creativity and innovation.